Commission on Disabilities

Mission Statement

The Salem Commission on Disabilities is committed to working hard to make Salem’s community a better place to work and live for people with disabilities.  As one of the finest tourist cities in the world, the Commission’s goal is to strive to make Salem a more accessible place to live, work and visit for people living with all kinds of disabilities.  

The Commission on Disabilities also works to raise awareness and educate both people living with and without disabilities on various handicap issues. We do so by providing educational information via monthly broadcasted meetings over the local cable network, as well as providing a daily audible column to help maximize the handicapped pedestrian commuter’s safety, and much more.  

The Commission supports a strong relationship with their city government, their constituents and the Salem business community, including the museums and other various tourist attractions.

Salem Access Television is partnering with the Salem Commission on Disabilities to offer an Audible Bulletin Board service for people with visual impairments.

We are looking for volunteers with good speaking voices to read announcements into our system. Each volunteer will just need to commit to an hour every few weeks or so during normal business hours at SATV—we are flexible.

You will be a great help to the blind and visually impaired in Salem.

If you are interested, contact David Moisan by email or call 978-740-9432, extension 104.

Board Members

Name Title
Lisa B. Cammarata, Esq. ADA Coordinator, Human Resources Director
Debra Lobsitz Commission Chair; term expires 3/1/2023
Darren Black Commissioner; term expires 4/23/2023
Rebecca Christie Commissioner; term expires 4/13/2023
Ezekiel Holt Commissioner; term expires 11/15/2021
David Moisan Commissioner; term expires 6/1/2022
Maureen McKinnon Commissioner; term expires 6/27/2022
Kerry Neenan Commissioner; term expires 2/14/2025
Kate Zuraw Commissioner; term expires 1/14/2025