Naumkeag Portrait Dedication

December 14, 11am, City Hall

In 2021 the City of Salem commissioned a portrait for City Hall to represent Salem’s Indigenous community. This portrait has been in creation by Indigenous artist Chris Pappan, in close collaboration with the Massachusett Tribal Council. Thanks to the efforts and support, of many, including the Salem City Council, the portrait will be displayed in City Council Chambers upon its completion. 

The City of Salem and Mayor Kimberley Driscoll are now proud to announce the dedication the portrait to the Massachusett Tribe and all Native Peoples of this land, Naumkeag.

Naumkeag Portrait Dedication Event
Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 11am-12pm
City Council Chambers, Salem City Hall, 93 Washington St., Salem, MA
The event is free and open to the public, no registration or RSVP is required.

Special thanks to the Massachusett Tribal Council and artist Chris Pappan for their collaboration, endurance, and dedication to ensure this project was a success, and to the Salem City Council, the Salem Public Art Commission, the Artist Selection Team, Elizabeth Peterson, and the Parks & Recreation Department, without whose support this project would not have been possible.