Inspectional Services (Building Department / Public Property)

The City of Salem is now using an online system for permit applications. This new system will streamline the application process for both the applicants and the department staff.


Applicants can take out permit applications at a time and location of their convenience; payment by credit card or check is also securely integrated into the process via Stripe. An e-mail address is required to access this system.

Please navigate to to access the applications available.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the residents of our community quality service in a timely manner, and to provide answers to questions regarding building and zoning issues. To conduct inspections and enforcement actions so as to protect and safeguard all residents and visitors to our city, and to evaluate, maintain, and repair those Public Properties within our charge.


Public Properties - responsible for numerous buildings within our City, namely City Hall, City Hall Annex, Old Town Hall, Fire Stations, and other City owned properties, including those properties aqquired through enforcement actions; such as tax seizures, abandoned properties, or structures deemed unsafe by accident or neglect.

Zoning Enforcement - tasked with ensuring the compliance throughout the City with our numerous Zoning Regulations and Ordinances, as well as the interpertation and explanation of the same to the members of our community. Our Zoning Officer is also tasked with determining the Allowable Uses for the various properties within our City, based on our Zoning Ordinance and Building Code.

Building Office - comprised of our Building Commissioner, Assistant Building Inspector, and our Plumbing and Gas Inspector, as well as our two Clerks. Our task is to take in all Building, Plumbing, and Gas Permit Applications; review of all plans and application packages, and the Granting or Denial of these Applications for Permit. Further, we conduct all required inspections pertaining to the same, and where applicable the granting of Certificates of Inspection and/or Certificates of Occupancy.

Staff Contacts: Inspectional Services


Building Commissioner/Zoning Officer/Inspectional Services Director


Local Building Inspector


Gas & Plumbing Inspector


Sealer of Weights & Measures


Accounts & Permit Review Administration


Permit Review Administration


Staff Contacts: Public Properties


Public Properties Officer


Vacant Position

Facilities Director

Daniel Stanwood

Working Foreman

Jonathan Connolly


Darren Rustin