Planning Board Applications

Please contact Elena Eimert, Staff Planner, for any questions on submitting applications to the Planning Board.

As of November 1st, 2020, the City of Salem is now using an online system for permit applications. This new system will streamline the application process for both the applicants and department staff.

Applicants can take out permit applications at a time and location of their convenience; payment by credit card or check is also securely integrated into the process via Stripe. An e-mail address is required to access this system.

Please navigate to to access the available applications. All Planning Board applications are specifically available under the Planning & Community Development section here.

Digital applications available through View Point Cloud:

  • "Planning Board Application" - Please fill out this application for any of the below list of special permits and site review:
    • Site Plan Review
    • Special Permit - Planned Unit Development
    • Special Permit - Flood Hazard Overlay District
    • Special Permit - Drive-Through Special Permit
    • Special Permit - North River Canal Corridor Neighborhood Mixed Use District (NRCC)
    • Special Permit - Wireless Communications Facility
  • Other applications
    • Subdivision Form A - Approval Not Required (ANR)
    • Subdivision Form B - Preliminary Subdivision Plan
    • Subdivision Form C - Definitive Subdivision Plan
    • Waiver from Frontage Request