Race Equity Task Force

The Salem Race Equity Task Force is carrying out a thorough review of City policies, services, and ordinances, as well as inequities in community systems and will report out clear recommendations, including ways in which success will be measured. While the Task Force will form the steering committee for this effort, this is a citywide initiative and there is important work for many more stakeholders. Those interested in volunteering to join a working group of the Task Force or otherwise offer to assist can send an email expressing their interest to [email protected].

Board Members

Mercis Arias
Sean Bennett EdD
Nate Bryant
Lucy Corchado
Manny Cruz
Kimberley Driscoll
Grace Duran
Terrell Greene
Anyfern Gonzalez
Brian Kennedy
Dennis King
Joan B. Lovely
Thomas MacDonald
Christina Machuca
Shawn Newton
Ana Nuncio
Graysen Ocasio
Conrad Prosniewski
Joseph Riley
David Roberts
Gwendolyn Rosemond
Paul Tucker
Jude Zephir
Dr. Stephen Zrike