Trash Fee Forms & Information


On June 20, 2006, the City of Salem amended its Code of Ordinances relative to municipal curbside solid waste collection.

Effective September 1, 2006, non-owner occupied residential, commercial and multi-use properties participating in the city’s curbside solid waste collection will be assessed a monthly trash fee.

  • In July of 2008, the fees were lowered by 20% to correspond with reduced contract costs.  
  • In July 2013, the fees were further reduced. The trash billing was changed to quarterly for FY2014; trash bills will be mailed during the months of September 2013.
  • In October 2013, resumed monthly billing
  • In July 2020, trash fees increased to $20.00 residential & $29.00 for commercial
  • In July 2022, trash fees increased to $20.50 residential & $29.75 for commercial 

Note: Per City Ordinance, there is a cap of $130.25 per building for non-owner occupied residential properties.

Effective July 2022 the monthly fee for non-owner occupied Residential properties is $20.50 per unit
Effective July 2022, the monthly fee for Commercial properties is $29.75 per unit

Mixed-Use properties shall be billed according to the number of non-owner occupied residential units and commercial units utilizing the City of Salem curbside solid waste collection service.

There are certain criteria in place which would allow a property owner to be exempt from paying the fee. Those criteria for EXEMPTION are as follows:

  • You reside as owner occupant of the building/unit.
  • You utilize a private trash collection service for the property.
  • One or more of the units is vacant (partial exemption).

Should your property qualify as an exempt property from the trash fee, you may download and print out the appropriate affidavit (see below) and mail it to: City of Salem, Recycling and Trash Department, 98 Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Salem, MA  01970.

To report your change in address, you may mail or email the change of address form.

For further information and questions regarding the City of Salem’s Trash Fee, please contact the Trash Department at 978-619-5675.