Firearms Licensing

Sgt. Michael Ball

Firearms License Investigator and Issuing Authority

Telephone: 978-744-0171 x 50286

The Process of Obtaining Your License

Application processing for new and renewal firearms licenses are conducted BY APPOINTMENT ONLYNO WRITTEN (OR MAILED) APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED.

  1. First: Review the laws below to make sure you are not disqualified from obtaining a license.
  2. Call or e-mail Sergeant Ball, via the contact information above, for an appointment (and answers to any questions you might have).
  3. Review the application and be prepared to answer the questions.
  4. Show up for your appointment with:
    • An up-to-date Massachusetts RMV License or ID1
    • A Basic Safety Pistol Course Certificate2
    • A Check or Money Order payable to the "City of Salem".3 WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CASH, PER THE CITY OF SALEM.
    • Expecting to be fingerprinted, photographed & interviewed. You will be asked for two references (name, address & telephone), PLEASE, NO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION.

1If you are a naturalized citizen, or permanent resident alien, you must bring Naturalization papers, or your permanent resident alien card.
2For a license to carry you will need to take an approved training course, such as the Basic Safety Pistol Course given by a Massachusetts state certified instructor, or by the National Rifle Association. Firearms Identification Card requires a Hunter's Safety education course.
3In most cases the fee is $100, otherwise if you are applying for a class D (mace permit) the fee is $25.

Hours of Operation

WeekdayBusiness Hours
Tuesday12:00PM - 8:00PM
Wednesday8:00AM - 4:00PM
The above hours only apply to non-holidays and normal weeks of operation. Typically municipal holidays are observed. Availability is not guaranteed without an appointment.

Application & Laws (For Review Only)

Application will be completed online by Sergeant Ball during your interview, however application and questions can be viewed at the following link:

MA Firearms Forms and Applications


Click here for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Firearms Registration and Laws Website

We hope the information you find on this page is helpful to you.


Massachusetts Firearms Law Disqualifiers

All of the following crimes will disqualify a person from immediately obtaining an FID. However, if it is not a crime of violence, the person will be entitled to receive the FID after five years from the date of conviction or release from prison, probation or parole (whichever is longer). If this is the case, the person may only possess non-large capacity weapons with the FID card. On the other hand, if a person has been convicted of any of these misdemeanors, it will act as an automatic disqualifier for life from obtaining a LTC. In other words, if a person has been convicted of OUI he or she can never be issued a LTC in the Commonwealth.

All MGL updates are maintained by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and this page is merely a reference and may be outdated or inaccurate.


The following partial list of offenses appear to meet the statutory criteria for violent crimes in Massachusetts. VIOLENT CRIME shall mean any crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year or any act of juvenile delinquency involving the use or possession of a deadly weapon that would be punishable by imprisonment for such term if committed by an adult: (1) that has an element the use, attempted use or threatened use of physical force or deadly weapon against the person of another, (2) that is burglary, extortion, arson or kidnapping, (3) that involves the use of explosives, or (4) that otherwise involves conduct that presents a serious risk of physical injury to another.

Motor Vehicle LawMGL Chapter & Section
Driving While Under InfluenceChapter 90 §24
Crimes Against The PersonMGL Chapter & Section
MurderChapter 265 §1
ManslaughterChapter 265 §13
Simple AssaultChapter 265 §13A
Simple Assault & BatteryChapter 265 §13A
Indecent Assault & Battery on Child Under FourteenChapter 265 §13B
Assault & Battery to Collect MoneyChapter 265 §13C
Assault & Battery on a Public EmployeeChapter 265 §13D
Indecent Assault & Battery on a Mentally Retarded PersonChapter 265 §13F
Simple Assault & Battery on a Mentally Retarded PersonChapter 265 §13F
Indecent Assault & Battery on Person 14 or OlderChapter 265 §13H
Assault on an E.M.T., Ambulance Operator or Ambulance AttendantChapter 265 §13I
Assault & Battery on an E.M.T., Ambulance Operator or Ambulance AttendantChapter 265 §13I
Wanton & Recklessly Permitting Injury to a ChildChapter 265 §13J
Assault & Battery on an Elderly or Handicapped PersonChapter 265 §13K
MayhemChapter 265 §14
Assault With Intent to Murder or MaimChapter 265 §15
Assault & Battery by Means of a Dangerous WeaponChapter 265 §15A
Assault by Means of a Dangerous WeaponChapter 265 §15B
Attempted MurderChapter 265 §16
Armed RobberyChapter 265 §17
Assault While Armed With Intent to Rob or MurderChapter 265 §18
Armed Assault in Dwelling HouseChapter 265 §18A
Home InvasionChapter 265 §18C
Unarmed RobberyChapter 265 §19
Assault With Intent to Rob or Steal - UnarmedChapter 265 §20
Stealing by Confining or Putting in FearChapter 265 §21
CarjackingChapter 265 §21A
Rape and Aggravated RapeChapter 265 §22
Rape of a Child by ForceChapter 265 §22A
Assault With Intent to Commit RapeChapter 265 §24
Assault of Child With Intent to Commit RapeChapter 265 §24B
Attempt to Extort Money by ThreatChapter 265 §25
KidnappingChapter 265 §26
Use of Poison With Intent to Kill or InjureChapter 265 §28
Assault With Intent to Commit a FelonyChapter 265 §29
Interfering With Constitutional Rights - if bodily injury resultsChapter 265 §37
Abuse of Patients in Long-Term Care FacilitiesChapter 265 §38
Assault & Battery or Committing Property Damage to IntimidateChapter 265 §39
Causing Injury in a Physical Exercise or Training ProgramChapter 265 §40
StalkingChapter 265 §43
Assault & Battery on Child Under Eighteen - Coercion to Join GangsChapter 265 §44
Crimes Against PropertyMGL Chapter & Section
Arson of Dwelling or Aiding in BurningChapter 266 §1
Willful and Malicious Burning of a Building/Arson of Non-DwellingChapter 266 §2
Burning Personal Property Over $25 - Burning Motor Boats & VehiclesChapter 266 §5
Burning Insured PropertyChapter 266 §10
Failure to Report Hotel FireChapter 266 §13A
Burglary While Armed - Assault On OccupantChapter 266 §14
Burglary - UnarmedChapter 266 §15
Breaking & Entering With Intent to Commit FelonyChapter 266 §16
Entering in Nighttime Without Breaking, B&E Daytime Building, Ship, Vessel or VehicleChapter 266 §17
Entering Dwelling House in Night or B&E in Daytime Without Putting In FearChapter 266 §18
Larceny from a Common CarrierChapter 266 §30(1)
Larceny from a Person Carrying on an Express BusinessChapter 266 §30(1)
Larceny Under $250 from an Elderly or Disabled PersonChapter 266 §30(5)
Shoplifting Over $100Chapter 266 §30A
Obtaining Commercial Computer Service by FraudChapter 266 §33A
Receipt of Deposit by Insolvent Banking InstitutionChapter 266 §54
Receiving Stolen Property Under $250Chapter 266 §60
False Statement to Motor Vehicle InsurerChapter 266 §111B
Obstruction of Medical Facility - Subsequent OffenseChapter 266 §120E
Wanton Destruction of Property Over $250Chapter 266 §127
Destruction of Church or School PropertyChapter 266 §127A
Destruction of Jail PropertyChapter 266 §130
Restraining Orders 209A / §3B
Violation of a Restraining Order - 209A

Violation of a restraining order is a "violent crime", for the purposes of firearms licensing disqualification, if in violating the order, the defendant caused the victim physical harm, or threatened or attempted to cause the victim physical harm, or placed the victim in fear of imminent serious physical harm, or caused the victim to engage in sexual relations by force, threat of force or duress.

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