Lock Box Program

The Salem Police Department, in conjunction with Home Depot and Master Lock is offering a portable lock box program to qualified Salem residents.

The lock box program would provide first responders with a way to gain access into the home of a participating resident, to expedite access during a medical or other emergency. The program protects the participant's property from being damaged in cases where forced entry would otherwise be necessary.


  • A Salem resident that is elderly and has a medical condition, or a resident that is disabled.
  • The resident requires frequent emergency medical service response due to their medical condition.
  • The resident must reside in a single family or multi-family dwelling. The participant cannot reside in a residential facility or housing complex similar to 27 Charter Street.
  • OR be a participant in the "Are You OK" program.  For more information on this program, contact the Social Services Department at the Community Life Center (978) 744-0924.  

Portable Lock Box

A portable lock box is secure box that holds a key for access to a participant's residence. The lock box is secured by a combination lock. The portable lock box is secured to an exterior location of the participant's home.

An Example of How The Program Would Work

Residents who are selected to participate in the program will provide a key to their residence and a list of emergency contacts and contact numbers.

  • A sticker will be affixed to the front door indicating the resident is a participant.
  • A warning indicator will be added to the police department computer system, noting the resident is a program participant.
  • The lock box is mounted to an exterior wall of the residence.
  • The location of the lock box, the lock box combination, an emergency contact and contact numbers are listed in the police department computer system.
  • In cases where emergency entry is required, the key will be obtained from the lock box. After use of the key, a member of the CIU will change the combination; the new combination will be added to the police department computer system.

The combination to the lock box will not be given out for any other reason except for:

  • A medical emergency.
  • No response, well being check.

To become a participant fill out the registration form that is attached to this document and return it to the:

Community Impact Unit
Salem Police Headquarters
95 Margin Street
Salem, MA 01970

Download Lockbox Program Registration Application Form