Welcome to the City of Salem’s Official Website! Whether you are a resident, visitor or entrepreneur, here you will find a wealth of useful information about our waterfront community. Salem is known for its rich maritime history, as being the birthplace of the National Guard, and for the infamous Witchcraft Trials of 1692. Salem is also a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly City where its residents, and over a million tourists annually, can easily visit historic architecture, unique attractions, world-famous museums, and an eclectic mix of shops and dining options. And, with easy access to public transportation - including our own ferry - Salem is a great city to live, work, study, and play. Come discover all that Salem has to offer!

City of Salem Land Acknowledgement 

This land is Naumkeag, or fishing place, where generations of Indigenous peoples lived and passed through for centuries. 

From the village upon the Naumkeag River (now known as the North River) to Sachem Nanepashemet’s fortification (now known as Castle Hill), the people of Naumkeag farmed, fished, traded, raised families, discovered and invented, created art, and, above all else, honored the lands upon which you stand today. 

We acknowledge that this is Indigenous land and also acknowledge the Massachusett Tribe, who continue to honor and hold this land into the present.