Licensing Board

The Licensing Board consists of three Members, a Special Investigator and a Clerk of the Board.

Mission Statement

To provide a community service to the City of Salem in processing, overseeing and renewing the licenses of over 400 establishments of different categories. Among the types of licenses are; Common Victualler (alcohol and non-alcohol), package/convenient stores (alcohol), Auto Dealers, Lodging Houses, Inn Holders, Bed and Breakfasts, Week-day and Sunday Entertainment, Automatic Amusements, Special One Day Alcohol, Street Performers, Seasonal and Halloween Vendors.

Our goal is to serve the various license holders throughout the City and to be sure that all segments of Chapter 138 and Chapter 140 are adhered to.

Our objectives are to prevent infractions of the law and to insure the licensees do not exceed the limits of their license.

Board Members

Name Title
Melissa Ramos Mojica Clerk of the Board
Gary M. Barrett Chair (12/1/2019)
Gary F. Santo, Jr. Member (8/2020)
Deborah A. Greel Member (10/26/2017)
Sgt. Mike Ball Special Police Investigator for the Board;; 978-744-0171
Caroline E. Watson-Felt City Council Liaison