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Founded in 1629, Salem, the “City of Peace”, is a small city with a big history. It is the second incorporated city in Massachusetts (April, 1836) and the second oldest settlement in New England (settled four years before the settlement of Boston). While Salem has been long known as the “Witch City” due to the notable witch trials of 1692, Salem also played a prominent part in Revolutionary times and was an active leader of several Massachusetts’ industries. In the early part of the 19th century, Salem’s ships were pioneers in the India trade and opened up commerce with Africa, China, Russia, Japan and Australia. In Salem will you find mansions of some of the country’s first millionaires and the birthplace of celebrated author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Salem’s 18.5 miles of tidal shoreline includes 7 public beaches.

City of Salem Land Acknowledgement 

This land is Naumkeag, or fishing place, where generations of Indigenous peoples lived and passed through for centuries. 

From the village upon the Naumkeag River (now known as the North River) to Sachem Nanepashemet’s fortification (now known as Castle Hill), the people of Naumkeag farmed, fished, traded, raised families, discovered and invented, created art, and, above all else, honored the lands upon which you stand today. 

We acknowledge that this is Indigenous land and also acknowledge the Massachusett Tribe, who continue to honor and hold this land into the present.