Conservation Commission

The City of Salem is now using an online system for permit applications. This new system will streamline the application process for both the applicants and the department staff. Eight (8) physical copies are again required to be submitted with your online application. Please mail or drop off at City Hall Annex, 98 Washington Street, 2nd floor. Payment by credit card, check, or electronic check is also securely integrated into the process via Stripe. An e-mail address is required to access this system.

Please navigate to the correct application using the links below:


Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation - WPA Form 4A


Extension Permit for Order of Conditions - WPA Form 7 


Notice of Intent - WPA Form 3


Request for Certificate of Compliance - WPA Form 8A


Request for Determination of Applicability - WPA Form 1


Please contact Kate Kennedy, Conservation Agent, at for any questions on submitting applications to the Conservation Commission.

Current application materials may be accessed using the Salem Conservation Commission Sharepoint website which can accessed here. Files are organized by meeting date and project location/name.

Salem's Wetland Protection and Conservation Ordinance 

As of March 28, 2022, the updated Wetlands Protection and Conservation Ordinance, Chapter 50 is now in effect. An example of some of the updated measures are below:

Protection Measure:



No-Disturbance Zone


25’ | First 25 feet of buffer zone extending from resource area

Mitigation Zone


50’ | First 50 feet of buffer zone extending from resource area

Isolated Vegetated Wetland (IVW)


Jurisdictional Resource Area

Vernal Pool


Jurisdictional Resource Area

Climate Change Considerations


Considerations in Project Review



The City of Salem welcomes you to visit the project website for additional information and to view a series of recorded public forums regarding the progress, discussion, and development of the ordinance update. For questions or for more information regarding this process, please contact Tom Devine at 978-619-5685 or


Staff Contacts

Commission Members

Name Title
Bart Hoskins Vice-Chair (2/22/2024)
Gregory St. Louis Chair (9/13/2023)
Tom Campbell Member (2/22/2024)
Tyler R. Glode Member (2/22/2024)
Dan Ricciarelli Member (5/10/2025)
Judith Köhn Member (11/15/2024)
Jeff Cohen City Council Liaison
William Jacob Member (5/25/2026)
Scott Sheehan
Andrew W. Varela