Planning Board

The City of Salem is now using an online system for permit applications. This new system will streamline the application process for both the applicants and the department staff.

Applicants can take out permit applications at a time and location of their convenience; payment by credit card or check is also securely integrated into the process via Stripe. An e-mail address is required to access this system.

Please navigate to to access the applications available.


  • Please contact the DPCD staff support for the Planning Board, with any questions regarding remote access procedures.
  • Current application materials can be accessed using the Salem Planning Board Sharepoint website at this link. Files are organized by meeting date and project location/name.
  • Previous Planning Board meeting video recordings are typically available on the Salem Access Television Channel 22 website at the following link. Search "Planning Board" for a list of recent meetings that are available to view: Recordings are also generally posted to the appropriate meeting folder on the Planning Board Sharepoint folder.

Staff Contacts

Robyn Lee

Board Members

Name Title
Helen Sides Member (6/28/2028)
Bill Griset Chair (3/1/2025)
Carole Hamilton Member (9/23/2026)
Kirt Rieder Vice Chair (7/1/2026)
Walter Power Chair Emeritus (In Memoriam)
Thomas Furey Member (6/25/2025)
Sarah Tarbet Member (3/1/2029)
Zachary Caunter Member (3/10/2026)
Jonathan Berk Member (3/1/2029)
Josh Turiel Member (5/24/2028)
Patricia Morsillo City Council Liaison