2023 Haunted Happenings Resident Feedback Survey

City requests input, suggestions from locals to incorporate into future plans
2023 Haunted Happenings Resident Survey

The City of Salem has closed the books on October of 2023 and on another season of Haunted Happenings. As reflections and preparation for next year’s festivities commence, Mayor Dominick Pangallo and city officials are looking for resident feedback on this year's Haunted Happenings, including everything from the events to public safety to communication on parking restrictions, closed roads and other aspects of the holiday month that formally kicked off with the Grand Parade and ended with fireworks on Halloween night.

"We incorporate public feedback from our residents into our Halloween and October planning every year," said Mayor Pangallo, "Haunted Happenings 2023 went generally well, thanks in large part to the input and patience of Salem residents. Each year we look to and value the input from residents to help shape how we prepare and plan for next October. I hope all residents will take a few minutes to complete this year’s survey so we can continue to improve how we manage October in the years ahead."

This year’s resident survey is now live, and can be found here.  Residents can also submit written feedback to the Office of Mayor Dominick Pangallo, City Hall, 93 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970.

The survey will be available online until 7:00pm on Thursday, November 30th, 2023.

Lisa Peterson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Dominick Pangallo
City of Salem
978-619-5600| lpeterson@salem.com