Arrest Made in Satanic Temple Bombing

Satanic Temple

Please see the U.S. Department of Justice press release found at:

Statement by Chief Lucas J. Miller, Salem Police Department

"I am very pleased to announce the arrest of Patrick Palmer of Perkins, Oklahoma, by detectives from the Salem Police Department and special agents of the FBI for the bombing of the Satanic Temple on April 8, 2024, in Salem. I am also grateful for the help and partnership from the Massachusetts State Police and the ATF. The seamless cooperation between these agencies is what solved this case. I am so proud of the members of the Salem Police Department for their response to this incident, but particularly our Detectives -- they worked tirelessly. I also hope this makes clear once again, that if you target the people of Salem for violence we, and our friends in the FBI, will find you."

Statement by Mayor Dominick Pangallo

"On behalf of the City of Salem I want to express our profound gratitude for the exceptional work put into this investigation by the members of the Salem Police Department," said Salem Mayor Dominick Pangallo. "I hope the US Attorney’s office moves swiftly to see that justice is carried out. Salem is a welcoming place and violence intended to terrorize our city should be met with a decisive response from law enforcement, our judicial system, and our community. I also would like to extend our appreciation to the Department of Justice, especially the FBI and ATF teams who assisted in this investigation and arrest, and the local Oklahoma law enforcement personnel who aided in the effort."