Salem Launches Curbside Composting Incentive Program

Free curbside bins available to expand residential composting in Salem
Free Compost Bin Flyer

Mayor Dominick Pangallo announced today that the City of Salem is launching a new curbside composting incentive program, in partnership with Black Earth Compost, a local full-service composting company.

The next 150 new Salem weekly residential subscribers of Black Earth Compost will receive a free 13-gallon Black Earth Compost curbside bin, courtesy of the City of Salem!

Black Earth Compost accepts a variety of materials for curbside pick-up, including meat, bones, dairy, pumpkins, and napkins. A full list of compostable materials can be found here:  Residents utilizing this service will receive a voucher for a cubic-foot bag of finished compost in the spring, as well as discounts on bulk compost and soil blends.

“Diverting food waste from the trash and instead composting is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Waste Reduction Coordinator Janelle Rolke explains. “Our goal is to grow the curbside compost program in Salem. Once the City has over 1,000 subscriptions, the weekly and bi-weekly cost for the curbside compost program will decrease for each subscriber. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member, consider taking advantage of this offer!”

“I am very pleased that we’re able to offer this incentive program to encourage more curbside composting,” said Mayor Pangallo, “We’re working to minimize our solid waste tonnage and diverting food waste is a critical part of that effort. Not only is it better for the environment but by lessening our trash tonnage we can mitigate increases in disposal costs. This program will encourage and enable more Salem households to join our community effort to keep our city clean and reduce costs. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for the holidays or want to make a thoughtful resolution for the new year, signing up for our curbside composting program is an easy way to make a positive difference.”

To enroll in the curbside compost program and receive your free 13-gallon bin, please visit,%20MA.

The current pricing through Black Earth Compost for weekly compost pick-ups in Salem is $114.99/year or every other week for $89.99/year. 

In addition to curbside collection, Salem residents have other options to divert food scraps from the waste stream. A free compost drop off station located at Mack Park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so residents can drop off their food waste at a time that is convenient for them. The City is working to additionally identify other sites for public composting drop-off, with more details about those coming soon. Visit for more information about composting in Salem.

Janelle Rolke
Waste Reduction Coordinator
City of Salem