Parking Rates, Locations, & Hours

Parking rates, metered parking zones, and parking enforcement hours are all set by City ordinance. Rates, hours of enforcement, and duration vary by zone and can be different on different sections of the same roadway. Residents and visitors should always check the nearest signs, decals and stickers on parking meters and kiosks, and information in the Passport Parking App to ensure they are aware of this information. If you have questions or are notice conflicting information, calll the Traffic and Parking Department at 978-745-8120.

Click here to view the interactive Downtown Parking Map.

On-street metered parking is intended for shorter durations of 2 or 4 hours, whereas the City's garages and some off-street lots offer longer-term parking. The MBTA parking garage is also located at the northern end of downtown Salem. 

Parking Passes

The City of Salem offers some monthly, annual, and employee parking passes for the City-owned garages and Riley Plaza. These passes do not reserve a specific space but rather give the holder a discounted rate to park in these locations if a space is available. If you are interested in purchasing a pass, please call the parking office at (978) 745-8120.

Reserved Parking Spaces

For information on reserved parking spaces, please contact the parking office at (978) 745-8120.  

Enforcement Hours

To request parking enforcement, you may call the Parking Office at 978-745-8120 during their enforcement hours, which are Monday through Saturday, 8 AM-6PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM. To request enforcement outside of these hours, you may call the Police Department’s non-emergency number at 978-744-0171.