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Studies and Plan Projects Actively Underway

Bridge Street Neck Zoning Overlay - The City is working to develop zoning regulations that will help achieve the neighborhood’s vision. 
Flood Hazard Overlay District Ordinance Amendment - As part of the City’s ongoing effort to address projected climate change impacts, the Departments of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) and Sustainability and Resiliency are preparing an amendment to the City’s Flood Hazard Overlay District (FHOD) Special Permit zoning ordinance for the City Council's consideration. The ordinance, being developed with the support of Beals + Thomas and a working group comprised of staff from the DPCD, Engineering, Building, and Sustainability Departments, representatives from land-use boards, local environmental groups, the development community, and the general public, will be modified in light of projected increased coastal flooding. 
North River Resiliency Study and Multiuse Path The Cities of Salem and Peabody are undertaking a study to identify strategies to mitigate flooding and riverine erosion in the Harmony Grove Road segment of the North River Corridor. The resulting adaptation strategies will increase the resiliency of a proposed multiuse path and existing roadway, freight rail line, and South Essex Sewerage District infrastructure. 
Old Town Hall Assessment Project The City of Salem has conducted a full building conditions assessment, as well as a market and economy evaluation, which resulted in a determination that the space is well suited as a Community Arts and Culture Facility, but no matter the use, it requires substantial improvements. Design development closed out in October, 2022. The next steps are feasibility testing, fundraising and renovation with an goal of 2026.
Open Space & Recreation Plan Update The City of Salem's Open Space & Recreation Plan update will build upon recent related planning initiatives and establish goals and a seven-year action plan to guide the City's decision making for parks, recreation facilities and programming, and related policies. The City has hired MAPC to draft the plan with the support of an advisory group that will guide the plan's development based on existing conditions data and public input elicited through public forums, focus groups, and an online survey.
Resilient Together | El Punto, Junto The City is working on a deep dive model at a neighborhood level within The Point (El Punto). The project will address the area’s current and future climate risks, provide alternative analyses and solutions to adapt and mitigate these risks, and conduct immersive multilingual outreach, education, and engagement in the community throughout the entirety of the project. 
Salem Housing Roadmap The City of Salem is building on its recent housing planning and policy initiatives by developing a Housing Road Map. This process will include many opportunities for community members to learn about local housing needs, share challenges they have faced, and participate in developing goals and strategies to expand housing options across a range of income levels and household types. The Executive Summary is available here and the approved report is available here.
Salem Municipal Harbor Plan The Salem Municipal Harbor Plan serves to guide development along the City’s shoreline to meet local community and planning goals. The current update to the Harbor Plan focuses primarily on the redevelopment of Salem's Designated Port Area and a portion of the North River.
Shetland Park - The City of Salem is partnering with Prime Group to develop a shared vision - rooted in community input - for the future of Shetland Park. We are looking to community members in The Point and across Salem to share perspectives on how Shetland Park can become a more welcoming place for existing and future residents, businesses, workers, and visitors.
Existing Studies and Plans 
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For completed projects or for studies prior to 2010, please refer to City of Salem Digital Archive