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The City of Salem is thrilled to bring you Salem Skipper, a brand new ridesharing service serving the entire city. It works like a minibus that comes when you want, where you want — book a ride straight from your phone, get picked up in minutes, and skip the hassle of parking.

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Call (844) 983-1842

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salem Skipper?

Salem Skipper is a ridesharing service that meets you wherever you are. When you’re ready to go, book a ride in the mobile app and you’ll be matched with other passengers heading in the same direction. Please note: Although rides may be shared, the maximum number of riders per vehicle has been limited in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

When and where does Salem Skipper operate?

You can ride across the entire zone shown on the map Monday-Thursday 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-12am, Saturday 10am-12am and Sunday 10am-8pm.

A map of the Salem Skipper service zone, covering all of the City of Salem with points of interest, operating hours, and prices.

How do I book a ride?

  1. Create an account. Download the Salem Skipper app from the App Store or Google Play store and follow the simple signup steps. 
  2. Book a ride. Enter your pickup and dropoff addresses and choose the ride option that works for you. 
  3. Meet your driver. Check the app to find out exactly where to meet the vehicle, which may be a short walk from the address you gave us.

I do not have a smartphone. Can I still travel with Salem Skipper?

Yes! Please call (844) 983-1842 to book.

How do I know where and when to meet my driver?

After you book a ride, the app will display your pickup spot, which is usually a nearby corner or a short walk from the address you entered. Sometimes, the app will give you the address or business name at your pickup spot to help you find it. Either way, there will always be a dotted line to show you how to get there!

The app will also show you how far away your driver is in real-time. We’ll nudge you when your driver is 2 minutes away, so make sure you’re at the pickup spot when the vehicle arrives.

How much does a ride cost?

Rides up to 7pm cost $2 each, while rides after 7pm cost $3 each ($1 for senior citizens, middle school and high school students, and people with disabilities).

Can I bring someone along with me?

You can bring up to 2 additional passengers. Please note that each additional passenger costs $1 extra. 

Can I request a specific time for my pickup?

Salem Skipper is an on-demand service, meaning we don’t take advance bookings. Book your ride when you’re ready to leave, since you’ll usually get picked up within a few minutes.

What happens if I cancel my ride?

If you cancel your ride after 2 minutes, you’ll be charged $1.

What do the vehicles look like?

Vehicles all have custom branding, making them super easy to spot. We’ll also give you the driver’s name, number, and license plate in the app.

Can I change my destination once I’m on board?

Once you start a Salem Skipper ride, the destination cannot be changed. If you have yet to board, you can cancel the ride and re-book with a new destination.

My driver was great! How can I thank them?

If you had a great experience with a driver, please let us know by filling out the feedback screen in the app after your ride.

How can I provide general feedback?

You can fill out the feedback screen upon completion of your journey or email us at anytime.

How do I reset my password?

When logging in, first make sure you are using the exact email address that you used to set up your Salem Skipper account. To reset your password, first open the app and select “Log in.” In the password box, select “Forgot your password?” and follow the prompts. For further assistance, email

Why is my location showing in the middle of the ocean?

Make sure Location Services are enabled for the Salem Skipper app in your phone’s settings.

Where can I see my past rides and purchases?

Head to the “History” page in the app menu.

My driver left without me! What do I do?

Re-book directly in your app, and then send us an email at Please describe the incident so our team can investigate the matter. 

How old do I have to be to ride with Salem Skipper?

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to ride with Salem Skipper.

I am a wheelchair passenger. Do you have vehicles that can accommodate me?

Yes! Half of our fleet is wheelchair accessible. Be sure to hit the wheelchair icon in the top right corner of the app and press the toggle so we know to offer you WAV rides.

Can I ride with my service animal or pet?

Service animals are welcome to ride in Salem Skipper vehicles without restrictions. Other dogs and cats must be in an airline-approved carrier in order to ride with Salem Skipper and be able to be carried on the rider’s lap or underneath the rider’s seat/seat in front.

Can I smoke or use an electronic cigarette in the vehicle?

No, smoking of any kind is prohibited, including e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or smokeless cigarettes.

Can I eat and drink in the vehicle?

We know that you are on the go, but please help us keep our Salem Skipper vehicles clean and fresh and avoid bringing food and drink in our cars. Please also be mindful that smelly food can be distracting and unpleasant for your fellow passengers. Drinking alcohol and carrying open containers of alcohol in our vehicles is not allowed.

Can I place phone calls while in the vehicle?

Please remember your fellow passengers might not be as interested in your phone conversations. We ask that you limit phone calls to quick logistics and emergencies during shared rides.

Can I bring luggage/stroller/personal items in the vehicle?

Salem Skipper vehicles are a shared space, and as such we ask everyone to limit any personal items to a single piece of luggage or a reasonably-sized bag. 

I left something in the vehicle — how do I retrieve it?

Please email or call (844) 983-1842 with a description of the missing item. 

What measures is Salem Skipper taking to lessen COVID-19 exposure?

Salem Skipper is following Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines regarding face masks. At this time, face masks are not required in indoor transportation settings, although riders are still encouraged to wear masks while using the Salem Skipper. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

Salem Skipper has a strict Zero Tolerance policy. We do not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers on the Salem Skipper service platform nor do we tolerate inappropriate behavior by drivers towards passengers. If you believe that your driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if your driver is behaving in a manner that you consider inappropriate or that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or if your driver engages in conduct which could be considered unlawful or illegal, please ask the driver to terminate the trip immediately. If you feel that you are in imminent danger, please contact the police directly by calling 911. After the ride has concluded, please provide feedback using the Salem Skipper app or email us at to report the issue.

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