Curbside Recycling Information

Currently, the City of Salem has mandatory recycling every other week. Recycling shall be place curside in the City issue 96-gallon blue toters. The automated collection weeks are based on the color of your recycling toter lid and will be picked up on the same day as your trash.

  • All recyclables items can be placed in your single stream recycling toter - no sorting necessary  
  • Containers must be rinsed and free of food and liquids
  • Don't bag your recyclables - empty your recyclables directly into the blue toter
  • Non-acceptable items for recycling toter - Trash, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or anything made of foam - even if a recycling symbol is present

Use the Recyclopedia search tool below to find out if an item is recyclable. Beyond the Bin Search | Recycle Smart (

Click here to view the Solid Waste Ordinance

A graphic showing what can be recycled - metal, plastic, cardboard and glass