SALEM is a city with a long and rich history, which is preserved in the records contained in the City Archives. These archives are under the jurisdiction and control of the City Clerk. Salem's archives are preserved and maintained in climate-controlled vaults, and they date back to 1634.

The City Clerk is currently undertaking a vast inventory of every town and city document, from 1634 to the present. Additionally, each document is being reproduced to allow public access to the text of these valuable records. In the near future, these copied documents will be made available to the public for historical research, and copies may be purchased for a fee.

All original volumes of old town records have been reproduced for historical research, and are now available to the public. Copies may be purchased for a fee. The City Clerk will continue to keep the public informed as more historical records become available for public research.

The City of Salem is extremely fortunate to have in its collection, original letters addressed to the town fathers and inhabitants from such famous Americans as President George Washington, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. These letters were written to Salem town government to address the issues of the day.

Currently, copies of the historical Washington letter, and the Adams letter have been reproduced onto high-quality parchment, suitable for framing, and are available to the public to purchase. The cost per copy of $2.50. Copies may be purchased in the City Clerk's Office. To obtain copies by mail, enclose the cost for each copy, as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope.